Bubble Wrap Supplies

We pride ourselves in the quality of our bubble wrap as we see it as a very professional product. We use the same grade of polythene for the bubble rolls as we do to manufacture of our bubble bags.

Bubble wrap rolls are used to protect items in during transport or storage, the pockets of air act as a cushion for knocks, gently absorbing the movement so the item inside resists damage. Can also be paired with cardboard boxes and act as void fill for the items inside.

Our supplier’s sell a range of bubble wrap packaging products, these include the traditional small bubble wrap rolls, used every day for wrapping a plethora of items to ensure damage is limited. Perfect product protection because the bubble wrap follows the contours of the item easily, protecting the item and saving the business money on returned damaged stock. Available in widths of up to 1500mm, and 100m long, with price breaks for the more purchased.

More information: https://www.packaginggb.co.uk/bubble-wrap.html